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Thank you Bev. The pleasure was all mine. In my 11 years in the industry I have met my share of auditors, as the company where I used to work outsourced all audits. I am happy that you were referred to me since you indeed are one of a kind. I don't think I ever met someone with not only your professional expertise but also your social skills, which as you know sometimes is a problem with auditors. Your reputation is well deserved.


I already recommended your work to some friends involved in hiring external auditors.


I wish you all the best and for sure if we need to perform more external audits I will contact you


Teresa Nunes, Medical Director, Blueclinical Limited

I would be delighted to discuss our experience of the mock GCP inspection with Wider Perspectives (WP) with you.  I would also be very happy to discuss how the proposal for the conduct of the inspection was received by our Japanese colleagues and how details of the findings were disseminated to them.  Coming from a Japanese pharmaceutical company myself, I can appreciate how perception needs to be carefully managed!


The entire GCP mock inspection process proved invaluable to the organisation. Wider Perspectives conducted the entire process from bid proposal to follow-up after the inspection with professionalism, consideration and understanding.  They recognise, and are sensitive to, the issues surrounding working within an environment where many of the personnel and senior management have not had prior exposure to a Regulatory Authority inspection.  They managed to make the entire process an excellent learning experience for the entire organisation, whilst delivering some key messages in a manner that did not send the company into a panic!  Every step of the way, Wider Perspectives provided support and guidance, far beyond that which was anticipated!


I would have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Wider Perspectives to you and would be very happy to discuss this further.


Head of Regulatory, (Europe) for Japanese Pharma


[Following a recent for-cause investigation of a key laboratory vendor on a pivotal registration trial]


"You didn’t just do what we needed, you hit it out of the park! (To use a baseball/cricket analogy).  Everyone here is just amazed at the depth of miscommunication and lack thereof [between sponsor and vendor], and now it’s cleared up."


Senior Director, Quality Assurance, US-based Pharma Company

"We entered into a consulting agreement with Wider Perspectives in April 2004.  The initial contract encompassed services to be provided for clinical investigator sites in Europe, Australia, South America and South Africa.  Based on the excellent performance by Wider Perspectives we have expanded the agreement to include all regions of the world, including and not limited to the US, EU, Japan and Central and Eastern Europe.


The quality of work coming from the efforts of Wider Perspectives meets or exceeds our expectations every time.  They are flexible, focused and friendly.  Wider Perspectives makes every effort to clearly understand the needs of the client and maintain a high level of integrity.


We are pleased to have Wider Perspectives be an extension of Quality Management."


Director, Quality Management, US Office of Global Pharma



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